Back Up The Truck: Northern Rhône Edition:
2016 Entrefaux Crozes-Hermitage

Posted by Joe Salamone

Northern Rhone at this quality and price is practically unheard of.

Over the past several years, interest in this region has exploded, and prices have risen to match. Producers like Juge and Allemand have skyrocketed, selling for hundreds of dollars per bottle.

If you look hard enough, though, serious value can still be found. This is one of those moments.

Crozes-Hermitage often lives in the shadow of the region’s more famous AOCs, like Hermitage, Cornas and Cote Rotie, largely because of its variable terroir. While Hermitage is known for its steep, rocky hillsides, Crozes-Hermitage is often associated with flat plains. However, as Northern Rhone's largest appellation, the terroir of Crozes-Hermitage is incredibly diverse, and Entrefaux lays claim to one of the AOC’s best sites, less than 4 miles from the venerated Hermitage.

Entrefaux’s vineyards are situated on the sandy, clay terrace of the “Les Chassis” plain, a terroir that produces wines with a mineral core and bright acidity that’s rarely found in Crozes. Entrefaux’s minimal intervention winemaking and biodynamic farming allows the unique terroir of these vineyards to shine, and it’s impossible not to take notice.

Entrefaux’s Crozes-Hermitage is further elevated by the incredible 2016 vintage, one of our favorite Northern Rhone vintages of the last decade. This vintage is graceful, energetic, and incredibly well-balanced and Entrefaux captures these qualities with stunning precision. There are elegant dark fruits, olive and cracked pepper, and a smoky character that’s hauntingly delicious. In contrast to the 2015s, this vintage has a distinct freshness that makes it very approachable now, though we fully expect it to blossom over the next decade.

Simply put, there’s no better Northern Rhone Syrah at this price. Entrefaux’s spot-on winemaking, vineyard management, and unique terroir takes the “lesser” Crozes-Hermitage and firmly plants it among the best of the Northern Rhone in terms of value and sheer deliciousness. We encourage you to take advantage of today’s pricing, as values this good won’t be around for long.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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