Back Up The Truck: Northern Rhône Value - 2013 Paris Saint-Joseph Les Côtes

Posted by Ian McFadden

It's been impossible not to keep an eye on Vincent Paris over the past five years. He's one of the most talked about young winemakers in the Northern Rhône.

His 2013 Saint-Joseph forced me to stop and really take notice. The wine offers a nexus of price, quality and sheer drinkability that's extraordinary.

It's frigid here and I can't think of a better day for this offer. This is exactly the sort of wine that I'd like to have on the dinner table on a day like this.

Just to come out and say it directly, this represents an amazing value for the Northern Rhône. The 2010 vintage restored the beauty of Northern Rhône Syrah to the forefront of wine collectors' minds. Of course, prices followed. This is the best value I've seen from the Northern Rhône in a very long time.

Vincent Paris is the nephew of Robert Michel, one of Cornas' great old time growers and the person with whom Thiérry Allemand worked as a young man. Vincent Paris also worked with his uncle before going out on his own. (When Michel retired, he gave Paris his vines in Geynale, one of Cornas' greatest sites.)

We've been tasting Paris' wines for the past handful of years. In the past few vintages the quality of the wines (which was never wanting) jumped by leaps and bounds. The wines have grown more detailed, more elegant with each passing year. The 2013 Saint-Joseph really highlights the impressive level of Vincent's work. The wine is so pure, so mineral and so elegant this year.

I have really high hopes for the 2013 vintage in the Northern Rhône. The wines have an intense minerality, ample concentration, zippy acidity and really nice overall balance.

Paris' 2013 Saint-Joseph is drinking beautifully right now. With that said, I expect it to improve over the next five years. This is one of the reasons that we're offering 6-packs. This is something that I advise you to stock up on.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine

Crush Wine & Spirits