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2017 Vodopivec Vitovska Bianco

Posted by Joe Salamone

We have a long history with Vodopivec's Vitovska. Since day one, it's stood out as one of the greatest examples of orange wine.

Today, we're happy to offer the wine at as low as $29.95 per bottle. This is simply a crazy deal. The next lowest price in the country is $54.95. 

This is a wine we first fell in love with in late 2007. There is no other way to present the bottle than by stating flatly that it is absolutely gorgeous and completely bewildering.

photo of bottle of Vodopivec Vitovska Bianco

Back then, we were so blown away by the wine that we sold a bottle to Eric Asimov, the New York Times wine critic. He was impressed enough to do a blog posting on the long-vanished NY Times blog.  Not much later, Antonio Galloni weighed in with rave reviews, a rare thing for a wine like this at the time. 

In early 2008, when we first offered Vodopivec's Vitovska, we introduced it as "The Greatest Wine No One's Ever Heard Of?" 

At this point, Vodopivec is firmly established as one of Friuli's top producers and a master of producing "orange wine," whites that see some contact with skin, resulting in a darker color and a gently tannic feel. This style of wine has soared in popularity in the past ten years. 

Since taking over their family's estate in 1997, Walter and Paolo Vodopivec focused solely on making orange wines based on the Vitovska, a grape that's native to their area in Friuli's Carso region. 

Vodopivec 's 2017 Vitovska Bianco has an absolutely striking mineral-peach-sage-smoke-and-honey combo with a thrilling richness and textural complexity. For all of this rather jarring complexity and singular flavor profile, the wine's length and elegance is amazing. The wine was fermented in amphora, a clay vessel, and aged in old large barrels. This is a wine that ages well. The 2004 is still showing well. 

To discuss the terroir of Carso is to speak more about rock than soil. Carso, in fact, actually means something like “land of rock” in Celtic. Walter and Paolo Vodopivec actually had to physically break up the limestone bedrock to plant their vines. The rocky terrain leaves a firm imprint on the wine with an undeniable acid and mineral streak. Upon opening, this is intensely tannic and gripping in its minerality.

In terms of complexity and personality, there may be no better deal around than this. This is certainly an offer that we won't be able to replicate anytime soon. Don't miss this. 

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Joe Salamone
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2017 Vodopivec Vitovska Bianco

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