Back Up the Truck - Oregon Pinot Stunner: 2010 Montebruno Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills

Posted by Joe Salamone

Back Up the Truck
-Oregon Pinot Stunner
2010 Montebruno Pinot Noir
Eola-Amity Hills
Oregon Delivers - Value & Elegance

It's been nearly three years since our last Oregon Pinot Noir offering. Over that time, we've tasted dozens of Oregon Pinots and it wasn't until tasting Montebruno's that we found one that was worthy of an offer.

Oregon Pinot has been one of our most requested items for years, but we've been very choosey in selecting bottles for the store and even more so with the ones we've offered.

In Montebruno's 2010, we found what we always hope Oregon Pinot would deliver, but so rarely does. In short, an energy, a clarity and a subtlety - it had them all in spades.

Not to mince words, for our palates, many Oregon Pinots get tripped up on themselves - the extraction is pushed too far, oak bullies the grapes, the tell-tale spice is amplified at a deafening volume. It can make for a fatiguing experience.

What wowed us about Montebruno's Pinot was its lovely freshness and its harmonious complexity. There's an acid spine that makes it so engaging, so gulpable and above all, so food friendly.

Gulpability should certainly not be confused with simplicity. The wine delivers layers of earth, flowers, bright cherry fruit and a tinge of spice. The overall feeling of finesse and transparency makes the Burgundy comparison apt. And this Burgundian vibe is accentuated by the cooler 2010 vintage.

Montebruno's Joe Pedicini sources grapes from organic and biodynamic vineyards. He follows non-interventionalist winemaking with minimal sulphur. His 2010 feels like Lapierre-inspired Oregon Pinot Noir.

You're strongly advised to stock up - you'll notice the special 6-pack pricing for that very reason. 2010 Montebruno Pinot Noir is just a lovely wine. Like I mentioned at the start of this email, it's rare to find Oregon Pinots this compelling.

It's really encouraging to see Oregon delivering wines this soulful, well-made and well-priced. That's why we had to back up the truck. Don't miss.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

2010 Montebruno Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills