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Red Burgundy Edition:
2014 Chevillon Bourgogne Rouge

Posted by Ian McFadden

Bourgogne Rouge is one of Burgundy's most humble categories. Still, there's a very select group that are hunted down with the same fervor as the Grand Crus.

Chevillon's is one of them.

Every vintage, I go hunting for Chevillon's Bourgogne and only rarely am I fortunate enough to land the wine in quantity.

To put things as concisely as possible, Chevillon's Bourgogne Rouge overdelivers in a big way. When you combine this with the wine being sourced from a mere .8ha of vines, it adds up to the Bourgogne Rouge being extremely limited.

Chevillon is one of our favorite producers in general and we love his Bourgogne Rouge, so we definitely missed the wine in recent vintages. In terms of soul and character and overall value, Chevillon's Bourgogne Rouge is very hard to beat.

Chevillon's Bourgogne Rouge offers a surprising level of palate presence and an impressively broad spectrum of red fruits, earth and minerals. In 2014, the Bourgogne Rouge has beautiful purity, vibrancy and soil-inflected complexity that's amazing. It sums up so much that I love about the 2014 vintage.

If a category exists for elite Bourgogne Rouge, Chevillon would certainly be on the short list, right there with Mugneret-Gibourg. Chevillon's Bourgogne Rouge is one of few Bourgogne Rouges that not only drinks well on its fruit, but is lovely as it ages and develops secondary characteristics. Have no worries about aging it 7-10 years.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits