Back Up The Truck: Southern Italy Edition
- 2016 Guido Marsella Fiano di Avellino

Posted by Ian McFadden

In the minds of many Crush employees, Guido Marsella’s Fiano is the single greatest value in the store.

Every time we open a bottle, we’re blown away by its level of complexity, nuance and depth. Vintage after vintage, this seemingly modest Italian white punches well above its weight.

Just last week, we opened a bottle of the 2016, and once again we were in awe.

The 2016 Fiano offers a complexity of flavor that’s hard to believe.

It has a striking smokey minerality with stone fruits, herbs, and citrus. It’s wonderfully expressive and refined. You'll have a hard time finding another $20 wine that offers this many layers of nuance.

Fiano was once considered the greatest white grape variety in Italy, but as production levels increased and high yields diluted quality, Fiano gained a bad reputation. Along with Ciro Picariello and Pietracupa, Guido Marsella is the king of Fiano. Avellino is east of Naples and Marsella's vines are in Summonte, one of the highest points in the region where limestone makes itself felt. Marsella harvests late teasing out an insane amount of aromatics and presence from the grape. The resulting wines have verve, grip and the sleek elegance that limestone imparts.

This is a wine that's deeply impressive now, but our experience with bottles with five years of age has been really compelling. There are few bottles that deliver so much for the money. As I watched nearly every employee buy multiple bottles, it became clear that this needed to be a back-up-the-truck offer.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine

Crush Wine & Spirits