Balance in Puligny-Montrachet: 2008 Carillon

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"This is a seriously good family domaine."
2008 Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Crus
Perrières - Combettes - Champs Canet

These are magical white Burgundies.

Yet, the magic with Carillon is more charming than dazzling. They are rich, curvaceous wines, opulent with fine layers of flowers and fruit, yet somehow the overall impression is more of mineral, of freshness, a gentle, perfect, balance.

There is a humility to these wines, a cerebral quality, a certain restraint (despite their more Baroque forms) that keeps them out of the limelight, a bit in the shadows of the more glamorous and obvious estates.

Yet, time and time again, in the cellars of the top collectors, there it is, Carillon stashed right alongside Leflaive, Coche, Lafon, Ramonet.

There are really only a handful of top-quality producers in Puligny, and Carillon is undoubtedly one of them. Today we present a beautiful chorus of Puligny 1er Crus, each one articulating a different aspect of sun, soil - each one a ludicrous value in the world of great white wine.

This is, as Clive Coates notes above, a serious family domaine - it is also a very small one. In all honesty we probably don't have enough wine to offer out... allocations are as you'd imagine, small.

But this is a terrific estate and in 2008, well, they really deserve some attention.

We’ve waxed poetic plenty over the 2008 vintage for white Burgs - the hyper fruit/acid interplay is just irresistible, and there’s an intense, precise mineral element to all of these that is tailor made for the purists.

Despite their under-the-radar reputation, Carillon is one of the oldest houses on record in Puligny - the notes say they’ve been here since at least 1520, passing the domaine down generation by generation since 1632. It’s only more recently, though, that they’ve significantly stepped up their game, bottling more wine themselves, amping up quality by decreasing vineyard treatments and intervention in the winery, and coaxing ultra-pure expressions from their assorted, noble Puligny terroir.

Every single bottle on today's offer is a steal in the world of white Burgundy - they are highly, highly recommended. Find notes on all the wines below and for those who want to mix-and-match a 6-pack, you'll enjoy even sharper pricing.

Ideally, these would sit in your cellar for a few more years before enjoying, but in all honesty they are delicious right now. They should continue shining for another solid decade.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2008 Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Crus

2008 Carillon 1er Mixed 6-Pack
Special Email 6-Pack Price: $419.70 ($69.95/btl)

2008 Carillon 1er Cru Perrières
Special Email Price: $73.95

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The Perrières may be the most classically Puligny, with more mineral precision, “a lovely sense of both tension and finesse,” says Burghound, and less of the Meursault-influenced roundness you’d find in the Combettes. A beautiful, beautiful wine.

2008 Carillon 1er Cru Champs Canet
Special Email Price: $73.95

Compare at $75-109
Champs Canet, as a site, typically shows off its proximity to Meursault via more richness and texture, more honeyed notes at times… but this 08 Champs Canet is racy and persistent with considerably firm minerality.

2008 Carillon 1er Cru Combettes
Special Email Price: $73.95

Compare at $80-109
Combettes has been considered the most “complete” of the bunch that includes Meursault-adjacent sites Perrières, Referts and Champs Canet. It takes the round florality and nut notes of Meursault and adds the classic cut and minerality of Puligny. The 08 Combettes is likely the most succulent and most softly floral of today’s offer.

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