Balancing Refreshment: Thanksgiving Back Up the Truck!!! - 2016 Bellwether Finger Lakes Riesling "S"

Posted by Joe Salamone

Today, with Thanksgiving just over a week away, we offer what we believe is one of the top Rieslings to ever come out of the Finger Lakes.

In short, Riesling fanatics owe it to themselves to experience this bottle and taste how far the Finger Lakes has come.

More importantly, we are offering a Thanksgiving refresher that drinks so far above its price tag, it’s earned our first-ever New York state “Back Up the Truck” nomination!

Thanksgiving is a long dinner and you are going to need something versatile and low-alcohol – for that reason we are offering special 4-pack pricing at $15.95 per bottle.

Kris Matthewson of Bellwether is one of the youngest and most celebrated winemakers in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Bon Appetite flat-out declared him the “Finger Lakes King.” Last year Decanter named one of his wines a domestic “Wine of the Year” and Patrick Cappiello of Rebelle called Kris a rock star in the New York Times.

This is a lot of praise to accumulate in only a few years. And the truth is that while Kris hit the ground running with his inaugural vintage in 2012, every year the wines get better and better.

His 2016 collection is nothing less than a revelation and one of the top wines happens to be the most affordable. The “S” stands for selection and the wine is a result of multiple pickings, giving the bottling layers and layers of complexity. Yet somehow, the wine remains crystal clear with great precision.

What makes the "S" so special, so riveting and refreshing, is the balance. Yes, there is a little bit of residual sugar, but it is so effortlessly lifted up and defined by the glacial acidity that you barely notice it. What you do notice is the profound sense of refreshment…and the strong desire for more.

While the wine will cellar for many years, if you want it for Thanksgiving, time is of the essence! Order today and knock one thing off your to-do list.

To order, reply to or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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