Barolo Without Compromise: 2008 Cappellano Rupestris

Posted by Joe Salamone

Barolo Without Compromise
2008 Cappellano Barolo Pie Rupestris
Old School Barolo, Classic Vintage

Cappellano's are some of the most uncompromising and compelling old-school Barolos out there.

They are some of the longest-lived and most muscular Barolos we've come across.

In terms of longevity, Cappellano's Barolos boast structures that can keep stride with the great distance runners of Piedmont, like Conterno's Monfortino and Giacosa's Red Labels.

Teobaldo Cappellano, who sadly passed away in 2009, was one of the great, unwavering personalities in all of wine. Since the 1980s, he insisted that his wines were not given point scores. Despite not having scores to drive interest in his wines, Cappellano's have become cult wines.

Pie Rupestris comes from the Gabutti vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba. The area is known for producing powerful, intense Barolos. The signature of Cappellano's Rupestris is certainly its muscle, but that's only half the story.

Beyond all else, Rupestris is soulful with an elusive depth of earth, mushrooms, stones and bruised herbs. For all its brawn, it's the layers of flower, dark fruit and soil that define Rupestris.

We've been writing about the 2008 vintage in Barolo for some time now. It's a vintage we love for its clarity, its detail and its sense of completeness. We haven't tasted anything like it since the 2001 vintage.

Antonio Galloni really nails it when he writes, "The 2008s are gorgeous Baroli with expressive aromatics and tons of length."

In the context of Cappellano Rupestris, the 2008 vintage infuses the inherent power of the wine with a wonderful sense of levity and energy. Also, 08 is an extremely transparent vintage and showcases all of Cappellano's work to capture the terroir in a lovely way.

Since Teobaldo's passing in 2009, his son Augusto, who had worked alongside his father for years, took the helm. Augusto has continued the steadfast traditionalism of the estate.

As I wrote in the beginning, Cappellano's wines have an impressive track record for aging. In a vintage like 2008, we strongly advise that you stock up - Rupestris will undoubtedly age well in the ultra-classic 2008 vintage.

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Joe Salamone
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