Bea Dream Brew: 2008 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro

Posted by Joe Salamone

Bea Dream Brew
2008 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro

Paolo Bea's Sagrantinos are some of the most soulful and captivating wines that you'll ever taste.

There's a mystery and depth that you just can't put your finger on. The wines are just profoundly compelling. For us, Bea' s Sagrantino Pagliaro is one of the most important wines in all of Italy.

We've carried Bea since we first opened our doors. These are wines that we love. The 1996 and 2001 are legends. It's impossible for us not to believe that many share our feelings. For years and years, Bea's Sagrantino has been impossible to keep in stock.

We're expecting a lot from the 2008 Sagrantino Pagliaro. Bea hit a dream brew this vintage. There's such density, but also one of the most intense mineral streaks that we've ever seen in the wine. The only problem is that Bea's production was down 50% in 2008.

Sagrantino is notorious for its power and burly tannins, but Bea's magic with the grape lies in how nuanced it is, how detailed and delicate it is. There's a vibrancy that dances with subtle shavings of wild complexity. There's grip, but there's also a lifted regal side.

Few wines are so stirring in their profundity and uniqueness. We buy every vintage of Bea's Sagrantino, but when vintages like 2008 come around, we buy deep. Our experiences with Bea Sagrantinos with a decade of age on them have been really impressive.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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