Bea the Magnificent Revisited: 2005 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro

Posted by Joe Salamone

Bea the Magnificent, Revisited
2005 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro
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"...among the finest wines to emerge from Montefalco, and Italy, for that matter." - Antonio Galloni

Paolo Bea crafts some of the most soulful and captivating wines that you'll ever taste.

For us, his Sagrantino Pagliaro represents the pinnacle of his skillful winemaking. His 2005 will be remembered along with 01 and 96 as the best recent examples of this epic wine.

It seems that many people have noticed this - since our offering in March of 2010, it's been impossible to keep this in stock.

What makes Bea so magical?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but Bea's 05 Pagliaro is so multifaceted and unique that tasting is believing. This is one of those wines that touches us profoundly, and it is not soon forgotten.

Bea's Sagrantinos are so singular, so firmly rooted in a sense of place.

When we sent our last Bea Sagrantino offer out nearly three years ago, we said that, ideally, the 05 should spend 3-5 years in the cellar. Indeed, three years later, the wine is starting to show really beautifully. It's fleshed out a bit, grown more mysteriously complex. This is just the beginning - it will continue to grow more fascinatingly complex over the next 7-10 years.

Most importantly, it's showing Bea's signature more acutely. What's most striking about Bea's wines is how they combine intensity with agility. This is the magic of Bea.

Sagrantino is famous for its burly tannins. For sure, Bea's Pagliaro offers ample red fruits with a grippy, saturating palate presence. And yet, the wine is defined by how nuanced it is, how detailed and delicate it is. There's a vibrancy that dances with subtle shavings of wild complexity.

We cannot recommend this profound red wine enough, and while there are many who will pack as much as they can into the cellar, for those of you who have never experienced Sagrantino, this email is a gentle plea to treat yourself to one of Italy's greatest, most unique reds.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2005 Bea Sagrantino Pagliaro

Antonio Galloni: "The 2005 Montefalco Sagrantino Vigna Pagliaro has put on quite a bit of weight over the last year. Today it is a rich, sumptuous wine that totally covers the palate with dense, dark fruit. In 2005 the Pagliaro is impressive in the way it achieves superb density while retaining the elements of delicate, nuanced subtlety that inform Bea’s finest wines. This is a fabulous effort from Bea. The 2005 Pagliaro saw 46 days on the skins, followed by a year in stainless steel and two years in cask."