Beaujolais Icon: Large Format Edition - 2013 Roilette Fleurie Cuvee Tardive

Posted by Joe Salamone

Beaujolais Icon: Large Format Edition
2013 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvée Tardive
The Anti-Nouveau
I have to confess that saying anything new about Roilette's Tardive feels impossible.

It's simply one of the wines that we're most fond of, that we put in our cellars each year in quantity.

Tardive represents Beaujolais at its most soulful, its most ageworthy and most profound.

It's also one of the Beaujolais that a huge number of people buy each and every vintage. Personally, and I've said this many times before, if I had to reduce my Beaujolais buying to a single wine, it would be Tardive.

The wine is that good and it may be without peer in Beaujolais when it comes to the way it ages. This is why each year we offer magnums and jeros in addition to 750s. Large formats allow Tardive to age long and gracefully.

And, thankfully, Roilette's Tardive is very fairly priced, so taking the plunge on mags or jeros isn't as painful to the wallet as these formats can often be.

A couple of weeks ago, we offered 750s of Roilette's '13 Tardive. Read it in full here, but the short version goes as follows: Tardive is a remarkably consistent wine. In the difficult 2013 vintage, they managed to produce a classic Tardive. Everything is in place to be an impressive, gracefully aging edition of Tardive.

Cuvée Tardive has provided me some of my most memorable Beaujolais experiences. This is one of the most soulful examples of Gamay you'll find.

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