Beautiful, Old-School Rioja - Historic Vintage: 2001 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904

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Historic Rioja Vintage
-The Beauty of Old-School Rioja
2001 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904

"Quite simply, these are some of the finest Riojas that can grace your cellar." -Neal Martin

Nearly everyone you talk to in Rioja believes 2001 is a historic vintage. The only worthy comparison that they can make is with the legendary 1964 vintage - compare it to 71 in Germany, 78 in Barolo and 05 in Burgundy.

The Cliff's Notes version is that 2001 delivered wines of nearly perfect balance and concentration. It's one of those years where magic happened.

It's been many years since Crush has done a Rioja offering. After tasting La Rioja Alta's Gran Reserva 904, it was impossible not to do an offering. The combination of the vintage with the old-school style was that compelling.

We're happy to offer the just released La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904's 2001 at $41.95 per bottle.

The easiest comparison is to Lopez de Heredia - both are steadfastly traditional historic properties, both produce wines that thrive on elegance and understatement.

For many years, the Riojas that grabbed peoples' attention were full throttle, dark bruisers loaded with extract. La Rioja Alta's 904 is 180 degrees from this style. They are Riojas as we like them - nimble, finessed, subtle. They're just beautiful.

Burgundy lovers take notice.

For those of you not familiar with La Rioja Alta, the 2001 Gran Reserva 904 is the best initiation into the classicism, the beauty of the wines. The wine is show-stoppingly gorgeous. The level of fine-ness and layered, discreet complexity make it really worth checking out.

The 2001 Gran Reserva 904 spent four years in barrel and then, another six and a half years aging in the bodega's cellars. The result is a haunting and silky weave of spice, earth, sandalwood, dried herbs and faint berry fruit.

2001 Gran Reserva 904 is drinking really well today, over a decade from the vintage, but it is still far from its peak. The way old-school Riojas age is something to behold. Many 64s are heartbreaking today.

We suggest that you that you go deep. Wines with this much pedigree rarely come at such a gentle price. You'll look back on it as a very wise purchase.

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Jeremy Noye
Vice President
Crush Wine & Spirits