Blazingly Beautiful: 2008 Keller Westhof Kirchspiel GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Blazingly Beautiful
2008 Keller Westhof Kirchspiel GG

2008 stands as one of our favorite German vintages of the past decade.

We love the 2008's purity and mineral focus. Keller's 2008s remain some of the most exciting wines he's made.

We're very happy to offer this parcel of 2008 Kirchspiel GG, but before going any further we should underscore that this is extremely limited.

Since it's New Year's Eve and Keller's 2008 hardly needs an introduction, I'm going to keep this short.

As quoted in the Wine Advocate, Klaus-Peter Keller says "Two thousand eight is my vintage." We have to assume that he's referring to the vintage's transparency and verve and how it so harmoniously integrates fruit and mineral.

Kirchspiel has always highlighted these qualities. In general, Kirchspiel is the most incisively mineral, agile and high-toned of the GGs.

Because the quantities are so modest, we're only sending this to people who've supported our Riesling program. You probably know the magic of Keller's 2008s and how blazingly beautiful the Kirchspiel GG is. We'll bring this to a close.

Happy New Year!

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Joe Salamone
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2008 Keller Westhof Kirchspiel GG

Special Email Bottle Price: $76.95
David Schildknecht: "Yellow plum with its pits, pungent parsnip, and grapefruit with pungent bitter-sweetness of zest mark the nose of Keller’s 2008 Westhofener Kirchspiel Riesling Grosses Gewachs, and then come to the palate juicy and invigorating yet texturally rich and silken; suffused with nut oils, crushed stone and savory salinity; and displaying lift and refreshment that would have caused me to guess 12% alcohol, a full percent less than this Riesling in fact harbors. This epitomizes the poise and near-delicacy as well as dynamic interplay of fruit and mineral that 2008 can deliver, but at the same time the sheer richness it can attain. I suspect this will be worth following for a dozen or more years."