Bucking every trend and modern convention - 2010 Emidio Pepe Pecorino

Posted by Joe Salamone

An Exciting Debut
2010 Emidio Pepe Pecorino

"Bucking every trend and modern convention, the wines of Emidio Pepe represent one of the most singular expressions in winemaking today." -Antonio Galloni

For decades upon decades, Pepe's line-up has been composed of Trebbiano and Montepulciano plus a Cerasuolo that they seem reluctant to talk about.

Beginning with the 2010 vintage, they added Pecorino. Even in its debut, Pepe's unyieldingly unique signature is boldly stamped on the wine. The strength of the 2010 vintage shines through as well.

We wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of Pecorino. It can be a difficult and low-yielding grape. In its home territory of Marche and Abruzzo, growers tend to favor the high-yielding Trebbiano and Pecorino was approaching extinction. Despite the grape being revitalized, only a few Pecorinos leave any sort of lasting impression.

And then there's Pepe's. If a lot of Pecorinos are forgettable, Pepe's is unforgettable. They seem to tease out every element of varietal character and amplify them.

Their Pecorino possesses the intensity and soulfulness that makes Pepe's wines so unmistakable. The flavor spectrum is wild, multi-dimensional and at times somewhat challenging. There's an incredible intensity and unabashed energy. It offers plenty of grippy substance with saline-tinged yellow plum and citrus fruit with underlying notes of earth, spice and dusty minerals.

There's plenty of reason to be excited about this new entry from Pepe. The wine simultaneously feels so honest and so brutally unique that it could only be a Pepe wine. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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