Bulletproof Burgundy Value - Lowest Price: 2014 Chevillon Nuits St. Georges VV

Posted by Ian McFadden

Bulletproof Burgundy Value - Lowest Price
2014 Chevillon Nuits St. Georges VV

There are very few producers that I respect and trust like Chevillon. They are wines that I return to year after year.

The list of what impresses me about Chevillon is long. For starters, the top to bottom quality from the Bourgogne Rouge all the way through 1er Cru Les St. Georges.

The style is deep, soulful, structured and honest. The value and ageability that Chevillon offers is simply awesome.

While pricing on many of our favorite village Burgundies has gone vertical in the past few years, Chevillon continues to overdeliver for the price. There are few better Burgundy buys for the cellar. The Nuits VV benefits from a decade plus of aging.

At Chevillon, the emphasis is on old vines and old-fashioned winemaking. They are formidable Burgundies, chock full of dark fruits, earth and stony minerality. The wines are staining in their intensity yet in no way fatiguing.

Chevillon's 2014s are really stunning. There's an element of refinement that makes it a special vintage for the wines. In the 2014 Nuits VV, there's a brightness and energy that I love. It gives an intriguing animation to the muscle and jet-black minerality.

I'm always excited to offer Chevillon's Nuits VV. This is one of my bulletproof village Burgundies. The 2014 is an especially captivating edition of the wine. This is a don't miss.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2014 Chevillon Nuits St. Georges VV