Bulletproof, Cult Beaujolais: 2011 Roilette Fleurie Griffe du Marquis

Posted by Joe Salamone

Bulletproof, Cult Beaujolais
2011 Clos de la Roilette
Griffe du Marquis

Roilette's Fleuries are some of the most loved Beaujolais around.

Look into the cellars of Crush staff members and you'll find bottle after bottle of Roilette. These are some of the most exciting wines we know: the confluence of quality, ageability and value is incredible.

Simply put, Roilette's wines are some of the most profound and ageworthy Beaujolais around. They are bulletpoof.

Their cuvée Tardive is a cult Beaujolais chased by everyone from wine geeks to blue chip collectors. In 2009, Roilette released a new cuvée, Griffe du Marquis, that would compete with Tardive for the top spot in Roilette's strong line-up.

We'll keep this very short. In 2011, Griffe du Marquis is extremely limited. There's really no point in fanning the fire.

The source of Griffe du Marquis is the same two parcels of eighty-year-old vines bordering Moulin-à-Vent that go into Tardive. The only difference is that Griffe du Marquis spends time in old Burgundy barrels instead of the foudre that the Tardive is briefly aged in.

Griffe du Marquis is every bit as exciting a rendition of Fleurie and Beaujolais as Tardive. There's also a layered clarity to it as bright cherry fruit gives way to flowers and a savory, salty, meaty minerality. And above all, a sense of lift.

It's probably easiest to think about the 2011 vintage in Beaujolais as a cross between the ripeness of 2009 and the snap of 2010. It's a lovely combination. It seems that every week the overall excitement over the 2011 vintage grows by leaps and bounds. It's really starting to come into its own.

The 2011 Griffe du Marquis shows a depth and nuance along with a sense of poise and elegance. It boasts the finest qualities of the vintage. I'd expect it to age well for the next 5-8 years+.

For us, there are few better buys for your cellar. Again, Roilette's Griffe du Marquis is in short supply in 2011. Please give us your ideal order.

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Joe Salamone
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2011 Clos de la Roilette Griffe du Marquis

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