Burgundy Jaw-Dropper - The King of Irancy:
2015 Thierry Richoux Irancy

Posted by Ian McFadden

About 15 minutes east of Chablis, you reach Irancy, a beautiful town surrounded by fairly steep vineyards.

It shares Chablis' Kimmeridgian soils, but not the grape. Here, we're talking about one of the most intriguing examples of Pinot Noir on the planet.

Pinot Noir is one of the most terroir sensitive grapes on the planet and the way it expresses itself in this area is exciting. This is energetic, tension-filled Pinot with the same building, mysterious depth that is found in top Chablis.

When it comes to Irancy, Thierry Richoux is King.

His status as one of the greatest producers in the region is underscored by the fact that he farms Dauvissat's Irancy vines.

We've been tasting Richoux's wines for the past handful of vintages and it's clear that the 2015 is special.

It's hard to believe that you can buy one of the top producers in the region and a simply gorgeous bottle of red Burgundy for as little as $22.95 per bottle. These are the sort of don't miss deals that we're always on the lookout for, but seldom find.

The first thing that you notice tasting the wine is that Richoux is a master of teasing out texture. Irancy can easily become rustic. In Richoux's hands, Irancy becomes irresistibly suave in a way that's similar to Fourrier's wines. The wines have a shocking elegance and beyond the upfront appeal, there's a depth of earthy, taut minerality and rigorous structure.

The brilliance of the 2015 vintage is particularly clear in Irancy, an area benefiting most from the year’s unusually warm temperatures. In 2015, Richoux achieves a striking level of complexity and punch that’s truly dazzling.

Richoux is a 10th generation winemaker. His family has been producing wine in the region as far back as 1610. Richoux is fanatical in the vineyard, farming organically in a part of the wine world where it's not only laborious, but also fraught with the risk of losing a large amount of your crop. It definitely pays off in the wine's clarity of expression and nuance.

The timing of this offer is fortunate. Richoux's Irancy is a red that's perfectly suited to the warm months. You will also want to have it around for its sheer deliciousness and for how it promises to age well.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits