Chablis 2006-2013: Raveneau, Dauvissat & Piuze

Posted by Ian McFadden

Chablis: 2006-2013
Raveneau, Dauvissat & Piuze

Today, we offer Chablis' top sites and top producers.

We're looking at Clos, Preuses, Valmur and Montée de Tonnerre.

I'll keep this short since in many ways these wines speak for themselves.

We'll start with a few words about Piuze as Dauvissat and Raveneau need no introduction. Patrick Piuze's arrival on the Chablis scene with his first vintage (2008) has done nothing less than send shockwaves across this Kimmeridgian-laden landscape. In short, he wasted no time joining the ranks of producers like Dauvissat and Raveneau.

The 2013 proves just how skilled Piuze is. Word on the street is that they are some of the most successful wines of the vintage. Piuze seems to have judged the 2013 vintage impeccably. The wines maintain a snap, a precision and an expertly calibrated ripeness. Piuze's success in 2013 came at a cost: yields were down by 45%. We received such small amounts of his Montée de Tonnerre and Les Clos that we couldn't include them in our Piuze offering a month ago.

Before wrapping things up, we'll breeze through the vineyards. Starting with Montée de Tonnerre, it is a 1er Cru that can rival many Grand Crus. Stylistically, it's reminiscent of Les Clos: epic in scale, monumental in its architecture and delivering power with a profound level of finesse. Then, of course, there's Les Clos, the king of Chablis. It is as powerful and densely mineral as Chablis gets. It is Chablis at its most statuesque, dazzling and complex.

Preuses is another one of the best of Chablis' Grand Crus and a personal favorite of ours. If Clos is commanding, Preuses is seductive. Its minerality is more emphasized, more linear, more detailed and complex. Finally, there's Valmur. Its profile is one of verve, delineation, and long-aging concentration. Personally, Raveneau's Valmur is one of my favorite wines in all of Chablis. With just over a half-hectare, finding Raaveneau's Valmur is never easy.

As you can imagine, there's a very limited amount of each wine available. Please give us your ideal order and we'll do our best.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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