Chablis 2008-2012: Dauvissat, Piuze and Tribut

Posted by Ian McFadden

Looking down on Chablis

Chablis 2008-2012:
Dauvissat, Piuze & Tribut

When I racked my brain about what to offer today, a list of top Chablis was the first thing that came to mind.

Here you have it - a list of Chablis from some of our favorite producers and ranging from Petit Chablis all the way up to Grand Cru. Many of these are very difficult to find.

Of the list below, Dauvissat is the name that pops, but Laurent Tribut deserves a lot of love. Tribut is Vincent Dauvissat's brother-in-law. For years, Tribut's wines have been an insider's secret. The size of the estate helps account for their low profile. It totals a mere 5.2ha. The wines are really difficult to find, especially the 1er Crus. Tribut's wines fall very much in the Dauvissat idiom - they possess the same deeply complex Chablis minerality.

Then there's Patrick Piuze. Beginning with his first vintage (2008), Piuze was catapulted into the region's elite. His name is often mentioned in the same breath as Dauvissat and Raveneau. We have two of our favorite bottlings from Piuze - the Grand Crus Blanchot and Valmur.

Finally, we have an impressive roster of Dauvissat. It starts with the rarely seen Petit Chablis and continues all the way to a couple of vintages of Les Clos.

I'll wrap it up. There's plenty of great stuff listed below. Have a great holiday weekend!

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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