Champagne as Art - Ultimate Gifting: 2004 Dom Perignon Jeff Koons Limited Edition

Posted by Robert Schagrin

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2004 Dom Perignon Jeff Koons
Special Limited Edition

What do you get when you bring one of the most iconic, irreverent artists of the last quarter-century together with the renown of one of Champagne's greatest estates?

The Dom Pérignon Jeff Koons Edition. In bottles playfully reinvented as only Jeff Koons could.

Dom Pérignon Jeff Koons Edition offers a masterpiece-level gift box worthy of the opulence encased within.

This is the ultimate gift for this holiday season.

Jeff Koons is hot - His The Balloon Dog (Orange) recently sold for $58.4 million, the most expensive artwork by a living artist ever to sell at auction.

There could be no collaboration more fitting (or flaunting) than the one between these two powerhouses: The gift box evokes Koons' world-renowned, multi-million dollar sculpture "Balloon Venus," but the wine inside is classic Dom Pérignon. The playful iconoclasm with which Koons recasts an art historical icon is an apt celebration of the impressive sexiness of Dom Pérignon.

Of course, the truth is in the bottle. And 2004 Dom Pérignon has no trouble delivering on this front. The very first time I tasted the 2004, I immediately had a deep fondness for it as it invoked memories of when I first started collecting Champagne in the late eighties.

I shared this with Dom Pérignon's wildly insightful and charismatic chef de cave, Richard Geoffroy, who agreed with me and narrowed his comparison to the 1975 Dom Pérignon, a true sleeper DP. FYI, the 1975 Oenothèque version now goes for $1,700+.

Antonio Galloni is also bullish on this classically styled vintage. He writes, "The 2004 Dom Pérignon continues to develop beautifully. A vibrant, focused Champagne... There is a lot to like in the glass." That's certainly spot-on.

2004 Dom Pérignon has a quiet depth of complexity and a dancing electricity cloaked in a perfect measure of fruit. This is DP for me. While recent riper and epic vintages, like 96 and 02, have blown me away, 04 marks a return to the impeccably judged detail and quiet regal elegance that I always look for in Dom Pérignon.

It's worth repeating that with the holidays rapidly approaching, DP Koons makes an utterly fantastic gift. The presentation is gorgeous, the wine inside is classic Dom Pérignon in all its sleek elegance.

I’ve always loved Dom Pérignon - the seductive complexity, the intensity, the precision of the wine itself juxtaposed with a sexy kind of edge, a bit of a playful spirit. The 2004 Dom Pérignon Jeff Koons beautifully captures this spirit inside and out. This limited edition Dom Pérignon is guaranteed to turn heads.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

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