Chinon Benchmark:
2017 Baudry Chinon La Croix Boissée

Posted by Joe Salamone

Baudry's Croix Boissée is one of the greatest expressions of Cabernet Franc in the entire Loire.

I've bought and cellared every vintage for over a decade and have never been even mildly disappointed by the wine. There are very few wines with this level of consistency.

photo of label of Baudry Chinon Boisse

Baudry's style is beautifully detailed, vividly transparent, and refined. Croix Boissée is the perfect summation of their style.

La Croix Boissée is sourced from a hillside plot with limestone and clay soils on a chalk base. In Chinon, this terroir is home to the appellation's longest-lived wines. Baudry's Croix Boissée always comes across with exacting detail and pristine clarity. It's a wine that speaks deeply and offers a compelling soulfulness and honesty.

The 2017 Croix Boissée has incredible length, poise, and finesse. The vintage produced a higher-toned wine than is typical, but also one of impressive depth, harmony, and completeness. 

When you factor in how well Croix Boissée ages and the wine's sheer class, it's one of the smartest buys out there. That helps to explain why our Baudry Croix Boissée offers sell out quickly. It is always a don't miss wine. 

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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