"Chiseled and energetic"
2017 Henri Germain Meursault

Posted by Ian McFadden

Henri Germain's Meursaults may cruise under the radar, but they are some of the most exciting examples of the appellation.

What really impresses me about Germain's wines is their rigor- the way that they can be expansive and concentrated while being so finely etched with laser focus.

Germain's 2017 collection is particularly brilliant. They are so clear, detailed, and soaring. 

We just received the 2017 Meursault and I couldn't help checking in on a bottle. It was stunning, even better than I remembered.

The issue with Germain is that finding the wines in quantity is extremely difficult. It's a small domaine with holdings spread across three villages and a strong following. Today's offering underscores this: there are no other listings of the wine in the country. 

I was incredibly excited to have landed this parcel. At as low as $69.95 in 4-packs, this is one of the most impressive deals that I've come across in 2017 white Burgundy. 

After beating the drum for the 2017 white Burgundies for months, we've made our feelings about the importance of the vintage very clear. It's a vintage of incredible balance and clarity.

Germain's 2017 Meursault is a really impressive example of the vintage. Burghound's note captures the wine really well, calling it "sleek, detailed and intense."  The total package is compelling, especially at the villages level.  

We originally offered this wine over the summer, but now that the wine is in stock and showing so well, I couldn't resist offering it again. The 2017 white Burgundies are obviously special, and Meursault at this level and at this price is extremely rare. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

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