Clarity in the Saar: 2012 Lauer Ayler Kupp Fass 8 Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Clarity in the Saar
2012 Lauer Ayler Kupp Fass 8 Kabinett

Nobody combines intensity and delicacy the way Lauer does.

The wines are unrelentingly rigorous and firmly mineral yet walk on tiptoes with finesse, floral notes and intricate, haunting structures. These are characteristics that make the Saar so special.

The majority of our Lauer offers have focused on Lauer's dry and off-dry Rieslings. In 2012, Lauer's fruity (sweet) wines were so impressive that we bought all we could get our hands on.

A couple of months back we offered Lauer's 2012 Spätlese. Today, with the warm weather upon us, we turn to the Kabinett. The Kabinett delivers so much refreshment that it's impossible not to think about it this time of year. That said, it would be a mistake not to hold on to some bottles to watch evolve for the next decade or more.

If you want evidence of the way that Lauer combines intensity and delicacy, Lauer's 2012 Kabinett is a textbook example. The wine possesses power and depth with the steel-y backbone of the Saar that Lauer captures so acutely. There's a depth of rocky minerality that's combined with high-tones of floral and citrus notes. All of which are gripping and vibrant.

In many ways, Lauer's Kabinett sums up what we love about the 2012 vintage in Germany. There's no shortage of concentration, but at the same time the wine is incredibly clear, detailed and agile.

I should close with a warning. There's not much of this to go around. I see this disappearing quickly.

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Joe Salamone
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