Classicism in the Northern Rhône: 2013 Gonon Saint-Joseph

Posted by Ian McFadden

It's becoming clear that the 2013 vintage in the Northern Rhône is special. And it's no surprise that Gonon made some of the best wines.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've made it a point to check in on the vintage and taste through a bunch of the wines. I'm really impressed with how it has shaped up. The harmony and serious structure that the wines possess bodes extremely well for how they'll age.

From the recent tastings, I was especially blown away by Gonon's Saint-Joseph. It's a beautifully structured, vibrant and precise edition of this wine. After tasting it, I immediately went looking for a parcel. We offered the 2013 in May of this year. If you missed out, this is worth a look. The only vintage that it competes with is 2010.

Gonon's style is delicate, precise and honest. The wines flaunt the elegant side of Saint-Joseph. The 2013 exemplifies the finessed, deeply mineral and aromatically lifted style. They're simply gorgeous in their nuance, depth and beautifully detailed length.

Pierre and Jean Gonon are making wines with the same honesty and soul as the old guard of the Northern Rhône - people like Verset, Trollat and Gentaz-Dervieux. The connection to this generation is made even more real by the fact that the Gonon brothers farm the vines of old-school legend Raymond Trollat.

Gonon's are some of our favorite wines of the Northern Rhône. For us, year after year, they're one of the smartest buys around. In 2013, it's a don't miss.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine and Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits
2013 Gonon Saint-Joseph