Clearly among the most brilliant wines - 2012 Keller Kirchspiel GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Ruthless Mineral - Historic Vintage
2012 Keller Kirchspiel GG

"Clearly among the most brilliant wines Klaus-Peter Keller has yet fashioned during his career." -John Gilman

Klaus-Peter Keller's 2012s are flat-out stunning. Sadly, they are rare, too.

This is particularly the case with the Grosses Gewächs. We've been searching high and low for them and until a couple of days ago it yielded just a few cases.

Keller's Kirschspiel can be summed up in one word: mineral. It's razor sharp, with a form that is so agile and seamless. Beautiful high-toned fruit (lemon, lime zest), astounding clarity (you can smell the limestone) and incredible grip.

In 2012, this minerality is delivered with a gorgeous purity and detail. Along with outrageous purity, 2012 delivered plenty of concentration, intensity and length. Essentially, we're looking at a dream brew. It's not like a reminder of the greatness of Keller's dry wines was needed, but the 2012 Kirchspiel GG announces this loudly.

As quoted by John Gilman, Klaus-Peter Keller holds 2012 as being a very special vintage: "the 2012 vintage had the finest potential of the last ten to twelve vintages- with perfectly ripe, golden berries from a cool and racy year with brilliant acidity." 2012 was the latest harvest at Keller since 2004. You sense the success of the vintage (and the late harvest) in the tensile depth of the wines.

Keller's dry Rieslings are some of the most statuesque, graceful and haunting white wines you will ever have. Weingut Keller has, in just over a decade, become one of the country's greatest addresses. With all this has come continuingly dwindling quantities. It's somewhat miraculous that we landed this small parcel. And this leaves us in the difficult position of saying that this is great vintage of Kirchspiel GG and that quantities are tiny.

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