CLOS: Fèvre Fridays Finale

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Fèvre Fridays Finale
2008 Fèvre Grand Cru Les Clos
Top Chablis of the Vintage - Lowest Price in the Nation

"...simply stunning... oozes Chablis character... impressively concentrated... palate-staining flavors... striking precision... explosively long finish." - Burghound

Finishing up his review, the Burghound writes simply: "This is a great Les Clos that will make old bones."


This is monumental Chablis, an epic, jaw-dropping articulation of fruit, mineral and soil. Fèvre's 2008 Clos is a tower of crisp, green, yellow and white fruit sliced razor-thin and layered over slabs of limey rock. It is huge yet nuanced, perfectly proportioned with all the promise of a child prodigy. (Burghound's full note below.)

The word "intense" here is a wild understatement, in the same way the word "big" doesn't quite capture the magnitude of the Grand Canyon.

This is our third consecutive Friday Fèvre offering and it focuses on what is quite simply the wine of the vintage. Our lowest price in the nation on this grand Clos brings into sharp focus the value that Fèvre currently represents.

Today we offer the 2008 Clos at as low as $79.95 on the four-pack; magnums at only $159.95 come with almost no upcharge for the rarity and ageworthiness of the larger format. Compare this pricing to Raveneau's 2007 Clos at $400+ or Dauvissat's 2007 Clos at $150. If Fèvre continues the staggering run they've enjoyed over the last decade, expect the pricing gap among these producers to narrow. 

Les Clos, the vineyard, is widely considered to be the grandest Grand Cru in all of Chablis, the cradle of the region, turning out wines that carry a depth and severity of fruit, a powerful and sinewy concentration that is simply unmatched in this northern region - without, it should be noted, compromising any of the fierce mineral structure that makes Chablis one of the more riveting white wines of the world. Fèvre's impressive holdings here (four parcels totaling 4.11 hectares) are almost all at the top of the slope, have due south exposure and sit on a formidable bed of deep, bright white clay that overlays the region's signature Kimmeridgian limestone.

If Clos presents us with what is the largest, chewiest, densest of the Chablis Grand Crus, it is also unquestionably the most ageworthy.

While the 2008s show a ripe, juicy acidity that seemingly holds somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000-15,000 volts (which is why this wine will cut through rainforest-grade humidity at the heights of August with the ease of a razor through jello - enjoy all summer long), the 2008 Fèvre Clos is just a baby. Another five years or more will bring out awesome definition, even more mineral nuance, detail and that beguiling sense of unmistakable Chablis terroir.

If the styles of Fèvre compared to Raveneau and Dauvissat are different, and indeed they are, this is a matter of style, not quality. This much is sure: Fèvre deserves cellar space along with the greats of Chablis.

At these prices, allocating a bit of extra room for the 2008 Fèvres will likely prove a very good idea. To order, please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2008 Fèvre Grand Cru Les Clos

Special Bottle Price: $79.95
Compare at $85-100

Special 1.5L Price: $159.95
Compare at $180

Burghound: "Here too the elegance of the nose is simply stunning with a layered and perfumed aromatic profile that oozes Chablis character and in particular, a fine minerality that continues onto the impressively concentrated and palate staining flavors that possess striking precision on the explosively long finish. This is a great Les Clos that will make old bones."

Fèvre Les Clos available for delivery week of May 17th, 2010
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