Clos, Transcended: 2009 Fevre

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Clos Transcended
2009 Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru "Les Clos"
Muscle Definition, Intensity, Focus.... VALUE

"This is seriously impressive in absolute terms but especially so in the context of the vintage." -Burghound

The conclusion to Allen Meadows’ review of Fèvre’s 2009 Les Clos is spot on: What Didier Séguier accomplished in this muscular vintage is astounding. The Clos is his greatest wine and frankly it is one of the wines of the vintage.

It's a magical combination in 2009: The power of Clos and the 2009 vintage married to the cut and clarity that Didier somehow always seems to manage. Even including the two gentlemen who seem to define great Chablis (Dauvissat and Raveneau), Didier may have made the collection of the vintage. Freshness and buoyancy is such a defining factor of Didier's style, and married to the fireworks of 2009, the show is spectacular.

The 2009 Clos is Chablis at its most statuesque, dazzling and kaleidoscopic: It blazes across the palate, with crazy density and a rich mid-palate yet for all the depth of material, the wine is cut, ripped. Fèvre’s Les Clos shows both a saturating plushness of fruit woven with cool notes of sea and stone.

It's these qualities that will make it one of the most impressive whites you're likely to enjoy this summer; it also has the balance to stay fresh and poised in the cellar for a solid decade, so consider the six-pack if you have the room.

We’ve written about Fèvre plenty. In fact, we strongly believe that Fèvre, under the guidance of winemaker Didier Séguier and the backing of Henriot, deserves to be placed at the front of the pack with Dauvissat and Raveneau. Yet the pricing remains well below the wines of these two gentleman; Dauvissat's 2009 Clos will be in the $100+ region and Raveneau's Clos, well... don't even ask.

Today’s pricing at as low as $69.95 a bottle means that our parcel is likely to go quickly. Because of this fact, we’ll paste Burghound's full raving review below, and we'll wrap this up succinctly.

After all, it's Friday, it's summer. Have a great weekend!

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2009 Fèvre Chablis Les Clos

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Allen Meadows: "Here the wood influence is somewhat more noticeable though not enough to materially detract from the otherwise pure, cool and high-toned white flower, stone and sea breeze suffused aromas that complement well the rich, powerful and intensely mineral-driven flavors that possess fine focus and verve on the explosively long finish. This is seriously impressive in absolute terms but especially so in the context of the vintage."

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