Cocktails for Brisker Weather

Posted by CrushWine

Milk and Honey Punch

A formidable alternative to eggnog, especially considering the Great Egg Panic of 2010, the milk punch is a deceptively simple drink that's perfect for sweater weather. We use honey liqueur in place of sugar to contribute to this cocktail's seductive smoothness. For a party this is best served cold, as below; it can also be prepared with warm milk, but note in that case you will fall asleep wherever you drink it, so plan accordingly.

Kingsley Amis, the renowned drinker and habitual author, prefers to take his Milk Punch "immediately on rising, in lieu of eating breakfast. It is an excellent heartener and sustainer at the outset of a hard day: not only before an air trip or an interview, but when you have in prospect one of those gruelling nominal festivities like Christmas, the wedding of an old friend of your wife's or taking the family over to Gran's for Sunday dinner."

Our recipe:

Combine spirits and milk and stir well (use a pint glass for one drink, a punch bowl for a party). Pour into a goblet over crushed milk ice. Grate nutmeg over each glass before serving.


New Utrecht Cocktail

Named after the avenue that connects Sunset Park to Bensonhurst, this cocktail pays homage to the natural interplay between Tequila and Amaro. Avion's warm and high-toned pear and rose petal notes are cooled by Cardamaro's deep, wintry spices so completely that it makes us question ever having one without the other. Sip this cocktail slowly and enjoy the trip through warm, cool, sweet, and bitter, straight into the lingering nutty, almost sherried finish.

Shake with ice and strain in a cocktail glass. Twist a grapefruit peel (pith removed) over the glass to release its essential oils, then drop it in the cocktail.