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Tuscany: 3.0
2004 Le Pupille "Saffredi" Double-Magnum
Priced 50% Below the Lowest in the Nation

"Le Pupille's 2004 Saffredi is a remarkable wine, in fact the aromatics alone are worth the price of admission."
- Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate

Today we get you the aromatics and the palate, all at a price that has more to do with two 750ml bottles than four of them.

The lowest single bottle price in the nation exceeds $90... the only pricing in the U.S. on magnums is at $300... And the only double-mags are at a jaw-dropping $600.

Today's double-mags go out at $288.44.

To keep this very short: We have a small supply of double-magnums to offer, and at this price, it's first come, first served.

More than the ultimate party bottle (a 3.0L is the superhero at large gatherings - it serves 24 people, easily!), this is a serious Tuscan red from an outstanding vintage and producer. 2004 offered more discipline and cut to its wines, lending real structure to the depth of fruit that comes out of Tuscan powerhouse blends. In addition, the wine in this format will age effortlessly for, virtually, generations. Think birth year bottles, anniversaries or any other suitably "big" occasion.

For full tasting notes, see Antonio Galloni's full review, below.

Again, we have only a handful of these jeroboams to offer. Given the low pricing and high praise of this bottle, we urge you to act quickly! To order, email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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Le Pupille "Saffredi" Double-Magnums (3.0L)

Special Email Price: $288.44
Compare 750mls at $100-120 - Lowest Price in the U.S. for 3.0Ls is a jaw-dropping $600

Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate: "Le Pupille’s 2004 Saffredi is a remarkable wine, in fact the aromatics alone are worth the price of admission. This French oak-aged blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Alicante possesses stunning harmony as layers of plums, blackberries, toasted oak, mint and flowers emerge from its vibrant, structured frame. The tannins are remarkably polished. From start to finish, this beautifully sculpted wine is a high class effort from proprietor Elisabetta Geppetti and oenologist Christian Le Sommer. It is highly recommended."


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