Coming of Age: Chinon "Grand Cru" - 2015 Baudry Chinon Clos Guillot

Posted by Joe Salamone

Clos Guillot sits just above Clos de L'Olive and Le Chêne Vert, two of Chinon's most renowned sites.

It's easy to see why the Baudry family was so excited to have purchased vineyards in Clos Guillot and why they were confident it would be their top wine.

The first vintage of Baudry's Clos Guillot was 2000. As good as the wine has been, Clos Guillot often got lost between the rough and tumble soulfulness of their Grezeaux bottling and the pristine elegance of Croix Boissée.

Starting with the 2014 vintage, it was clear that Clos Guillot was coming of age and demanding serious attention. The 2015 is simply stunning and stands as one of the great examples of the vintage.

Clos Guillot's terroir is mixed with clay over limestone in the upper portion and sand and gravel in the lower section. The signature of the wine is a tensile and finessed energy. The combination of finesse and chalky tension makes an utterly captivating and singular expression of Cab Franc.

The 2015 Clos Guillot possesses a flamboyant grandeur and bright polished mineral core. It's hard to imagine a Chinon combining an aristocratic grandeur and soil-inflected nuance any better than this. There's incredible detail, precision and harmony to the wine.

Clos Guillot has always had big shoes to fill. There's no question that the 2015 delivers on the promise of the site. It's really exciting to see this wine in prime form.

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Joe Salamone

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