Cote-Rotie At Its Most Riveting -
2011 Benetiere Cote-Rotie Cordeloux

Posted by Joe Salamone

There may very well be no Côte-Rôtie being made today that can match Bénetière in terms of focus, balance and streamlined mineral elegance.

People who know Bénetière hunt his wines down intensely. With only 2.5ha that doesn't leave much left.

This is pretty much what we did, too. The only reason that the wines haven't blown up is that the tiny quantities put a major cap on how much exposure they can get.

We've devoted an enormous amount of energy to tracking down Bénetière's Côte-Rôtie. Honestly, it's a painful process.

Finding Côte-Rôtie of this caliber at this price range is very rare. We can only think of one or maybe two producers.

This is Syrah (with 5% Viognier) at its most nimble, piercing and riveting. There's a density here, but also a lithe frame of jet-black minerals, floral notes and dark fruits.

Needless to say, Bénetière works within a traditionalist idiom. The grapes aren't de-stemmed, indigenous yeasts are used, etc. The alcohol levels always hover in the 12.5 range.

The 2011 Cordeloux boasts the vintage's clarity and harmony with a beautiful soil-inflected elegance. There's nuanced complexity of smoke, olives, flowers and dark fruits all wrapped around a precise core.

Côte-Rôtie is famous for being the most elegant, Burgundy-like expression of Syrah on the planet. And Bénetière's 2011 Cordeloux delivers in a very big way on that promise.

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Joe Salamone

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