Crush's Fall Mixed Case: 20% OFF!

Posted by Joe Salamone

Fall Mixed Case
Big Savings on our Autumnal Sampler
Favorites for Fall - Every Bottle Discounted 20%!

This morning the green market was teeming with winter squashes, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Anything with green leaves was starting to look a bit tired.

It was the state of the produce and the winter coat that I put on this morning that reminded me that it's time for a new mixed case.

With this in mind, I assembled a collection of top picks for the season.

As always, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-track values. Here, the results: the top picks that will carry you through the plummeting temperatures and the piles of winter squash, celeriac, Brussels sprouts and the season's increasingly robust fare. Not to mention holiday roasts and such.

As usual, this fall mixed case represents the BEST DEAL on these wines: a stellar cast of bottles, discounted 20%!

To begin with the reds, there are two pretty hearty, slightly rustic reds from Southwest France, Elian da Ros Côtes du Marmandais and Plageoles Braucol. There's also the 2008 Dupasquier Mondeuse, a staff favorite and a really great expression of the grape that's indigenous to the alpine region of Savoie. Finally, there's an overachieving 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir, Ransom's Jigsaw.

The whites range from the cracklingly crisp and mineral, especially Boudin's Chablis and Giachino's Primitif to weightier entries like Frantz Saumon's Mineral+ and Brun's Beaujolais Blanc. Finally, there's Karthäuserhof Ruwer Trocken, a dry Riesling from a historic German estate and the pure 2012 vintage.

As always, these bottles represent our top picks.

Please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to take advantage of this opportunity to drink well while ringing in the fall. And check out our website regularly, because as the seasons change, so will our mixed case. In fact, we will always have a tailored mixed case available online, so when these 12 bottles run out, don't hesitate to reorder.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

Fall Mixed Case

20% Off

Was: $258.84
Now: $206.85

2010 Ilarria Irouleguy Tradition
From steep vineyards in French Basque country, this is a singular wine with nervy acidity, robust body and tannin, dark fruits, peppery spice and an elemental minerality

2008 Dupasquier Mondeuse
A staff favorite. This is a beautiful, fresh and slightly rustic mountain wine from the Savoie.

2009 Cros Marcillac VV
A sturdy red from France's southwest and based on the Fer Servadou grape. There's herbal, woodsy notes that complement the dark berry fruits.

2012 Burlotto Pelaverga
A peppery, somewhat herbal and very food-friendly wine from Italy's Piedmont region.

2012 Ransom Jigsaw Pinot Noir
A restrained, but accessible and easy to drink Oregon Pinot. The strength of the impressive 2012 vintage really elevates this wine.

2011 Debize Beaujolais-Villages Cambertiers
A Beaujolais of beautiful harmony, precision and firm mineral expression.

2011 Elian da Ros Côtes du Marmandais Le Vin est Une Fete
Another slightly rustic, yet very fresh and drinkable, Southwestern France red. A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Abouriou.

2011 Boudin Chablis
Classic Chablis minerality, clean and crisp. Lovely.

2012 Saumon Montlouis Mineral+
The name says it all - mineral-laden and tension-filled Loire Chenin Blanc.

2012 Brun Terres Dorees Beaujolais Blanc
A staple for affordable, versatile and interesting white wine. Medium weight, minerally and with a touch of creaminess.

2011 Giachino Primitif
A super-light, mountain wine based on the Jacquere grape. There's a ton of rocky minerality and a slight Sauvignon Blanc grassiness.

2012 Karthauserhof Ruwer Trocken
A beautifully steely and pure Riesling with a wet rock minerality and layers of sweet herbs and stone fruits.

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