Culmination of a Decade?
2015 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett Fass 8

Posted by Joe Salamone

It's been over two years since we've been able to find enough of this wine to offer out through email.

For the 2015 vintage, however, we simply could not miss out.

Not only is this Florian Lauer's tenth year after having taken over from his father, but this is one of the most celebrated vintages of recent memory. A very famous German winemaker has said that this may be the best vintage for off-dry Rieslings since 1975.

Only time will tell where 2015 will rest in the pantheon of vintages, yet there is no denying that Lauer's Kabinett Fass 8 is one of the apogees of the vintage and the Prädikat.

The magic here is the explosive tension. Perhaps no one else in the Saar (with the one exception being a gentlemen by the name of Egon Müller) is able to marry such power, such generous depth of fruit and such a multi-dimensional array of explosive, saturating flavor, to an architecture that is so sharply defined. This wine is a temple of slate.

What makes Lauer's Kabinett both so rare and so special, is the fact that he does not make one in every vintage. Lauer's focus (and to some degree, his fame) rests more squarely on the dry and dry-tasting wines, like "Senior" and "Unterstenberg." This gives Florian considerable freedom with his Prädikat wines. He does not have to make a Kabinett nor any other off-dry Riesling. So you know when he does make one, the raw material is something very special.

With the 2015 vintage, we have exactly that - something very, very special. We went as deep as we could with this wine, yet surely we will sell out rather quickly.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2015 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett Fass 8

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