Cult Northern Rhône:
2019 Gonon Saint Joseph Blanc Les Oliviers

Posted by Ian McFadden

Gonon's Les Oliviers is one of our absolute favorite Rhône white wines.

White Rhônes can be a tricky category. The best can be amazing, but for better or worse our tastes are very selective. Gonon's nails the category. 

photo of label of Gonon Saint Joseph Blanc Oliviers

If the best Hermitage Blancs show incredible depth and glycerol, Gonon's St. Joseph Blanc Les Oliviers is sterner in its acid and mineral backbone. The way that it ages is legendary. It can easily age for a couple of decades. For us, it defines what's possible for St. Joseph Blanc.

Les Oliviers is a special terroir for white grapes - it may very well be the best in the appellation. Taste Gonon's Blanc and you're immediately taken by its harmony, complexity, and completeness. It's a wine of undeniable class. Pierre and Jean Gonon's father was one of the first to cultivate white grapes in the appellation, planting vines of Marsanne back in 1958. He clearly chose the site well.

Gonon's 2019 Les Oliviers possesses a striking clarity and delineation. There's the richness of the warm vintage, but there's an amazing vivacity. It offers up beautiful citrus notes along with spice, floral notes, and plenty of minerality. 

Pierre and Jean Gonon have a mastery of St. Joseph that is unparalleled. They have been making some of the most soulful and compelling wines in the northern Rhône. Les Oliviers is a benchmark example of the region and a wine that I rarely have an opportunity to offer. Don't miss it.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

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