Cult Selosse Disciple: Vouette et Sorbee

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Simply put: Bertrand Gautherot and his Vouette et Sorbée Champagnes are some of the most provocative, original and captivating Champagnes we’ve come across.

Today we offer them at the lowest prices in the nation.

We are hardly the first to take serious notice of these unique Champagnes: Richard Juhlin has called Vouette et Sorbée, "The only 4-star property outside Marne." Even since last July, when we first emailed about these wines, the reputation of Vouette et Sorbée has simply exploded.

Like his mentor, Anselme Selosse, Bertrand Gautherot casts everyone’s favorite celebratory drink in a radical new light.

If too much Champagne is more about style than substance, the sparklers of Vouette et Sorbée are a profound reminder that Champagne is wine, that it comes from grapes that come from vines planted in soil.

There is an uncommon rigor at Vouette et Sorbée: Gautherot has famously been farming his vineyards both organically and biodynamically since 1998. Yields are miniscule, none of the wines receive any dosage and they are bottled unfiltered under lower pressure than most Champagnes.

While the limited production (around 1,200 cases) has already become fiercely sought out by the wine avant-garde, we encourage all curious palates to try one of each of the three bottlings on offer today.

Few Champagnes articulate such a nuanced and honest expression of site. Chablis is the obvious comparison, the expression of mineral, salt and stone in these wines is revelatory. (Indeed, Gauthard's vineyards feature both Kimmeridgian and Portlandian limestones and Chablis is only 60 kilometers away while Reims over 160!)

The other reference point, especially for the "wild one" - the Saignée de Sorbée - is red Burgundy and even the red wines of the Jura: This unique bubbly can be savory and spicy, with rich red fruit and even gamey notes.

We've included tasting notes from both Richard Juhlin and Peter Liem below.

All the Vouette et Sorbée Champagnes benefit from air - decanting is strongly recommended. Better than Champagne flutes, white wine glasses allow the wines to express themselves more fully and even more than most Champagnes (which are, contrary to popular opinion, superb with food) these Champagnes absolutely excel with a wide array of dishes.

The ascendancy of Vouette et Sorbée has been quick: Gautherot released his first vintage in 2004. It took only a matter of months to achieve cult status at home and abroad. Make no mistake, at the moment these are among the most difficult grower Champagnes to find. Only a handful of stores in the U.S. see even a few bottles and prices start at $85 and break the $100-barrier. As stated above, his entire annual production comes down to about 15,000 bottles.

Today we are thrilled to offer out a recently acquired parcel which includes the entire range of wines. While our collection is small, given the rarity of the wines it has to be considered a windfall. Please give us your maximum order and we will do our best to allocate - all orders are subject to confirmation.

As prices on grower Champagnes steadily creep up, we have negotiated strongly - you will note these prices are easily the lowest in the nation, and by a good amount. To order, email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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