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The Friendly Side of Dagueneau
2007 Dagueneau Pouilly Fumé "Buisson Renard"
Sharp Pricing for a Microscopic 48-Bottle Parcel!

This wine involves a top single-vineyard,
Didier Dagueneau,
France's leading wine critic Michel Bettane
and a spelling mistake.

The Buisson Menard is a top vineyard site in Pouilly Fumé it is also the source of Dagueneau's most friendly, most forward, most luscious Pouilly Fumé.

In a review, France's leading critic Michel Bettane incorrectly called the wine the "Buisson Renard." This amused Dagueneau greatly as the phrase could be, well, suggestive. He immediately changed the name of the bottling to the "Buisson Renard" and gave the wine the rather bizarre label, pictured below.

Today we focus on the wine itself, because Didier Dagueneau needs no introduction.

He is one of the few winemakers we have ever referred to as an artist and his extravagant dedication in the vineyards is legendary, as are his wines. Today we have 48 bottles of the 2007 "Buisson Renard" to offer. First come, first served - all orders subject to confirmation.

Though the Renard sometimes gets lost in the shadow of the Silex and Pur Sang, this is one of the most enjoyable Dagueneaus to drink young. It is a super-saturated Pouilly Fumé of exotic flavor, billowing, blanketing textures kept firm by that powerful, focusing acidity. The 2007 is simply a beautiful bottle, an icon from the final vintage that Didier oversaw.

While there is a healthy dose of silex (flint) in the soil of the Buisson Menard site, there is also a good amount a clay. This is what gives the wine its more luxurious texture, more apparent and explosive fruit.

We'll keep this very short. We have so little wine and Dagueneau's Sauvignon Blancs are nothing short of epic; they are muscular, mineral, and shockingly intense with a dizzying depth and gloss to them. They are also in high demand and short supply.

To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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2007 Dagueneau Pouilly Fumé "Buisson Renard"

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