D'Angerville 1996-2011: Volnay 1er Crus Champans & Clos des Ducs

Posted by Ian McFadden

D'Angerville: 1996-2011

Volnay 1er Crus Champans & Clos des Ducs

Angerville is one of Burgundy's most storied estates.

The wines are always on the short list of Burgundy collectors. The wines age the way that Grand Crus age - bottles from the 60s are still drinking amazingly well today. For top Burgundy, there is likely no better value out there than D'Angerville.

This is my way of saying that I don't feel any major need to belabor this email. This is an impressive list of D'Angerville stretching fifteen years, including mags. The wines are beautiful across the board. You know the score.

We're focusing on two of D'Angerville's 1er Crus and heavy hitting ones at that, Champans and Clos des Ducs.

I have a particular soft spot for Champans. It's a rich and powerful expression of Volnay. Above all, Champans is a distance runner. Volnay is known for producing wines of a suavely textured, silken elegance. Champans takes this and kicks the complexity up more than a few notches, delivering a deep iron minerality and incredible length. For all its power, Champans always remains beautifully detailed and finessed.

Then there's Clos des Ducs, a monopole site for D'Angerville and one of Volnay's best. This steep, chalky site produces wines of singular intensity and breeding. The finesse, the complexity and the longevity of Ducs is stunning. It's as simple as that.

The only thing that I'll add is that I know it's tempting to focus on the universally esteemed vintages, like '02 and '10. But in this case, you'd be making a big mistake: in both '07 and '11 Volnay was a sweet spot of the vintage and D'Angerville's '96 Ducs is epic. Check out the Burghound notes on these below. You'll see things, like "terrific," "wow," "dazzlingly good" and "reference standard juice" for these.

Enough said.

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Ian McFadden
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