Dazzling Brézé: 2013 Guiberteau Saumur Blanc Brézé

Posted by Joe Salamone

Brézé is holy ground for Chenin Blanc.

For many of us, this was made obvious by Clos Rougeard. But this is a truth that's been known for centuries. Brézé is one of the Loire's "Grand Crus."

Recently, the Brézé bottling from Romain Guiberteau has been stealing the spotlight. The wine is snapped up by 3-star restaurants in France and the small amount that hits the U.S. quickly disappears.

Romain Guiberteau's father had bought parcels in Brézé in the 50s. Romain returned to the domaine in 1996, spent time being mentored by the Foucaults of Clos Rougeard and rapidly made it one of the most exciting domaine's in the Loire.

Guiberteau's signature is a certain intensity. He doesn't miss an opportunity to bring things into tighter focus, sharpen edges or ratchet up the impact. When it comes to the Brézé, Guiberteau renders the site with a blazing cascade of minerality and brilliant elegance.

We have been greatly enamored by the best Chenins from 2013. The vintage is not able to be packaged as simply great like 2014, but the high points of 2013 dazzle. They are energetic, mineral-laden and gorgeously finessed wines. At its best, 2013 delivers everything we hope for when it comes to Chenin.

As you can imagine, Guiberteau's 2013 Brézé is absolutely riveting. Brézé, with its clay-rich limestone soils, delivers Chenin Blancs of unparalleled refinement, depth and sleek, kinetic energy. Guiberteau's 2013 captivates with a breathtaking purity, strutting the incredible finesse and complexity that the great site is capable of.

Guiberteau's Brézé leaves a powerful impression. It's a gripping expression of Chenin Blanc. This has made it one of the most difficult wines to find in quantity. We're really happy to have landed this parcel, but it's a safe bet that it will sell out and allocations will have to be made. Please give us your ideal order and we’ll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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