Destined to emerge in the top rank. - 2010 Bonneau du Martray Corton-Charlemagne

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Destined to emerge
in the top rank... "
2010 Bonneau du Martray

"In any judging of Corton-Charlemagne, the wine of Bonneau du Martray is destined to emerge in the top rank. It is one of the consistently great Corton-Charlemagnes"
-Matt Kramer, Making Sense of Burgundy

At the highest echelon of Chardonnay, at the absolute peak of white Burgundy, few vineyards are as respected as Corton-Charlemagne.

The reason is simple: No wine on earth combines a mineral-laden intensity with a weightless elegance the way Corton-Charlemagne does. Its rich complexity walks lightly, on tiptoes, across the palate. There is simply no other white wine like this on earth.

Today, we're happy to offer one of the greatest names in Corton-Charlemagne: Bonneau du Martray. At $135.95, this is the lowest price in the nation.

The 2010 Burgundy vintage is without a doubt one of the best vintages to witness Corton-Charlemagne in its glory. The essence of the 2010s is freshness, purity, and transparency. No recent vintage has offered a glimpse into what makes each site in Burgundy special the way 2010 does.

This is a stunner and for the purists, for those who need mineral and cut as well as graciousness and style, there are few wines like Bonneau's 2010 Corton-Charlemagne.

The thrill of Corton-Charlemagne comes from its deep, chiseled structure, from a ruthless minerality, and the 2010 delivers this mineral profile with just immense concentration, electric green apples, swathes of pastry and spice, and an unreal purity that translates into fine silk on the palate.

This wine is serious and seriously long, with a glowing acidity that reverberates on the palate for well over 60 seconds.

Bonneau du Martray owns prime real estate in Corton-Charlemagne - their parcels include the grandest of this Grand Cru site, En Charlemagne and Le Charlemagne. This, along with sensitive and conscientious winemaking, helps to explain why Bonneau du Martray produces one of the best, longest lived and most historically validated versions of one of the world's greatest white wines.

As is always the case with Grand Cru Burgundy, quantities are very limited. All orders are subject to confirmation.

Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits