Direct From The Cellar: 20 Years+ Young - 91 Lauer Riesling Sekt Reserve

Posted by Joe Salamone

Direct From The Cellar:
20 Years+ Young
1991 Lauer Riesling Sekt Reserve

Transparent, Nimble, Filigreed

These will go quickly just like the 90 and 93 did.

Lauer's Sekt Reserve is one of our most unusual German offerings, and the most compelling and popular.

Just this week I've received four phone calls begging for more 90 and 93.

Sadly, both are long gone, but Lauer's 91 Sekt Reserve just landed and is drinking beautifully.

The '91 Sekt Reserve has a firm mineral core, possibly the most prominent one of our three offerings. As with the other releases, the '91 thrives on the contrast between rich, complex, aged notes and bright, vivacious and energetic youthfulness.

This is one of the most fascinating expressions of sparkling wine and Riesling in general. I can remember when the '90 first arrived and we opened it for the staff. It's been a long time since there was so much discussion over a wine, not to mention so much excitement.

To compare the '91 to the '90, the '91 shows a greater finesse and a leaner, more mineral frame. Like all of the Lauer's wines, the '91 Sekt has all of the estate's signatures: it's transparent, nimble and filigreed.

The Saar has long been a specialist in making sparkling wine, known around here as Sekt. The region's finessed acidity makes it ideal for sparkling wine. Of course, this being Lauer, it's not shy on the acid front.

Lauer's trajectory has been nothing short of astounding. Although David Schildknecht has to be given credit for "discovering" this estate in the 80s, Schildknecht was maybe ahead of his time - it wasn't until the estate was reintroduced to the U.S. in 2009 that things went crazy. And this is not just a U.S. phenomenon - Lauer's reputation in Germany has also skyrocketed. He was recently accepted into the VDP (the elite growers association in Germany.)

The fact that you have the '91 perfectly stored and recently disgorged at Lauer for the price of a non-vintage Champagne is really impressive. It also begins to explain why this will sell out quickly.

Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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