Discovery on the 2009 Beaujolais Trail: Fleurie Classicist

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UPDATE (Jan 5, 2011) - We have sold through our parcel of the of the 09 Dutraive Fleurie VV Clos de la Grand'Cour and Champagne.

That said, we do have a few bottles of Dutraive's young-vine bottling (still 30- 60-year-old vines!) from the Clos de la Grand'Cour.

Another absurd value from Beaujolais.

This cuvée is from Dutraive's same Grand'Cour site in Fleurie - the wine has the same broad-shouldered profile as the Grand'Cour VV (Dutraive compares his Grand'Cours to Burgundy's Beaunes), but with a touch more spice. If its concentration doesn't quite parallel that of the VV, it makes up for it with more juicy, up-front fruit - especially ripe strawberries and raspberries. This is a delicious bottle - and a fantastic value - that will certainly brighten up your winter.

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The (As-Yet) Unknown Beaujolais Classicist2009 Dutraive FleurieClos de la Grand'Cour VV and Champagne VVSpecial Pricing on the One and Only 2009 U.S. Parcel

When Jean Foillard, Louis Claude Desvignes and Julie Balagny all talk highly about one producer, you pay attention.

Jean-Louis Dutraive's name was on nearly everyone's lips when I visited Beaujolais this past summer.

Here we have one of the oldest domaines in Fleurie; a fifth-generation winemaker working organically with vines up to 60 and 70 years old, yet, so far as I can tell, the wines have never been imported into the U.S. before.

After the tasting with Jean-Louis the next day, I had to wonder why.

This is a collection that shows the most feminine side of Fleurie; the "Clos de la Grand'Cour" is as perfumed as Fleurie can be while the "Champagne" bottling is incredibly supple - a Beaujolais that shows a side of Gamay that's almost Chambolle-like in its satiny texture (click here for more on each vineyard).

The style of both wines is polished and elegant, more along the lines of the sexy Vissoux Fleuries than the dark and meaty Fleuries of Clos de la Roilette or Yvon Métras. These are Beaujolais that would appeal to lovers of Marcel Lapierre's understated, wispy Morgons... there is a similar lift, a similar energy.

At around $25, these are among the best values coming out of Beaujolais - which is really saying something. This is a region where the blue-chip bottlings are still (at least for now) almost all sub-$40.

Make no mistake: Dutraive is a classicist. He ferments his grapes using full carbonic maceration, the traditional Beaujolais practice of fermenting whole grape clusters before crushing, meaning a portion of the must is actually fermenting while still in the grape (click here for more). This method of vinification preserves an incredibly intense and bright fruit element that soars from the glass. These wines are wildly perfumed, with lots of juicy red and plum fruits, flowers, soil and herbs. (The perfect antidote to a snowy, mucky and slush-filled NYC winter? Yup.)

Both wines, both vineyards, are worth exploring - the different voices with which these wines speak, well... that's the point. For this reason, we're offering a mixed six-pack with special pricing that brings the bottle costs down to about $23 a bottle.

We have only one parcel of Dutraive's 2009s; it would be a shame to miss what we think is the U.S. premiere of these wines... not to mention having them around for yourself this winter.

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2009 Dutraive Fleurie VV

Clos de la Grand'Cour
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Special Email Bottle Price: $25.95 SOLD OUT!

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