Don't Miss Lapierre: 2014 Lapierre Morgon

Posted by Joe Salamone

Don't Miss Lapierre
2014 Lapierre Morgon

Lapierre is one of the standard-bearers of Beaujolais. If you were to rank wines on sheer drinkability, Lapierre would top the list.

I'm fond of telling the story of a French winemaker who once told me that he buys 10 cases of Lapierre every vintage. That may be the quickest way of highlighting just how delightful Lapierre is.

However, there are certain vintages when Lapierre hits another level: the wines are more complicated, more impactful and more ageworthy without sacrificing any gulpability. These are the vintages to go long on.

2014 is such a vintage.

The more we taste 2014 Beaujolais, the clearer it becomes that this is a vintage to clear space in your cellar for. It's obviously an important vintage, combining verve and clarity with impressive substance and punch.

In 2014, Lapierre's Morgon assumes an imposing stature while displaying an interplay of minerals and dancing acidity. We love the depth, seductive texture and elegance. After I drank my first bottle of the 2014, I immediately looked forward to drinking another very soon. It makes clear that this is a special vintage for this wine.

In any vintage, few wines deliver the joy or versatility of Lapierre. The 2014 reaches a level only a very select group of vintages have hit - 2002, 2005 and possibly 2009. The special 6-pack pricing is so you can stock up.

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Joe Salamone
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2014 Lapierre Morgon