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2010 Petterino Gattinara

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Petterino estate seems lost in time.

There's an almost other-world feel to the wines. They're traditionally made and often released with a decade or more of age and yet can be had for under $35. It's impossible to think of any comparison. 

photo of bottle of Petterino Gattinara

Located high in the Alto-Piedmont, where Nebbiolo sheds some of its muscle in exchange for elegance and floral aromatics, Petterino crafts wines with an indescribable integrity.

The 2010 vintage in Piedmont is simply stunning. The wines are incredibly complete with finely calibrated balance, sleek finesse, and clarity of expression.  

Petterino's 2010 Gattinara doesn't disappoint. It highlights the nuance that age brings to the Nebbiolo grape and boasts the breeding of the 2010 vintage. It possesses a mineral elegance and has spiced dark fruits with subtle floral notes. 

For decades Petterino has been quietly working his 2.5 hectares of vines, all located in Gattinara's top sites, with steadfast traditionalism. Generally speaking, Nebbiolo from Gattinara lies somewhere between the floral alpine expressions of Carema and the muscular intensity of Barolo. You definitely sense this with Petterino's combination of power and agility. 

Our offers for Petterino are among the most popular and quickly sell out. You simply don't encounter traditionally made wines with age at this price point. We're expecting the 2010 to be meet with an even greater response and suggest that you get your orders in early. 

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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