Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches Blanc 2007

Posted by Ian McFadden

Cult Drouhin DOUBLE-MAGS
2007 Drouhin Clos des Mouches Blanc
BIG Size, Value, Longevity, Impression

The Clos des Mouches is a special bottle of wine; it is a perennial over-achiever, one of the cult whites of Burgundy.

And it is a steal today in a very rare format.

Which, incidentally, might be the perfect party-format: 3.0Ls, four bottles in one... guaranteed to make an impression.

Our small parcel is in-stock, ready to go, and priced today at hardly any markup for the rarity of the format (these are the only double-mags in the U.S.)

We are not charting new territory here: Drouhin's 1er Cru "Clos des Mouches" Blanc has been an insider's secret for many, many years - one of those bottles you find without fail in those glossy cellars full of Montrachet. We've already in fact waxed poetic about the incredible 2007 Drouhin Clos des Mouches Blanc (read about it here) in standard 750ml format.

In the best years, and 2007 is without a doubt one of the very best, Drouhin's Clos des Mouches flirts with Grand Cru quality - in its depth and weight, its finesse, and importantly, its ageability. Allen Meadows has written recently about being floored by both the 1945 and 1949 Drouhin Clos des Mouches Blanc.

I think it's safe to say that the 2007 offers us one of the top Clos des Mouches ever from Drouhin. This is a wine where the freshness of the vintage balanced perfectly with the opulent depth of material the Clos des Mouches offers. There's something a bit overtly sexy, something honey-laden and floral here right in line with massive punch and momentum.

The Clos des Mouches is an anomaly that transcends the categorization or any rationale that we're able to uncover.

Perfect for the holiday party this year, or 10-20 years in the future. These will go quick.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2007 Drouhin Clos des Mouches Blanc