Drouhin Chambertin: Intensity, Finesse

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2001 Drouhin Chambertin
Muscle, with Purity, Clarity and Finesse
At the Lowest Price in the Nation

"Drouhin's wines are lighter in color than some, and may seem, to the uninitiated, at first somewhat lighter on the palate... But this is deceptive. Underneath there is a lot of intensity."
- Clive Coates, Côte d'Or

Clarity. That's the word that comes back, again and again, with a great Drouhin.

It's as if the fresh red fruit was only there for its delicate perfume, for the way it adds complexity to the minerality. Drouhin's great red Burgundies represent Pinot Noir at its most shimmering and complex; Pinot Noir in its most precise, most nimble form.

Even today's Grand Cru red from the chewy, muscle-bound commune of Gevrey-Chambertin remains agile and precise, chiseled even. Clive Coates' quote, above, is perfect: Lighter, yes, but incredibly intense and just so transformative and complex.

Today we offer a few cases of a featherweight Grand Cru blockbuster at the lowest price in the nation: Drouhin's 2001 Chambertin. This bottle is classic Drouhin; those of you who have experienced a Drouhin in top form know exactly what we're talking about. If these wines can be severe in their youth, austere even, with time they reveal an incredible pure and intricate tapestry of fruit, earth and mineral.

For those of you who love traditional red Burgundy, this is a do not miss offer.

Fact is, 2001 has given us some of our favorite values out there, sandwiched quietly as it is between the monster vintages of 1999 and 2002. Still, have no doubt: Drouhin made some serious 2001s and this bottle could even use a bit more cellar time - 1-3 years should bring it in to just stunning form.

While more severe selections were necessary in 2001 to keep the wines pure and to give them the concentrations they needed to make old bones, Gevrey was likely the Côte d'Or's strongest village, largely avoiding the hail that plagued some of the communes farther south. Under the trusted hand of winemaker Laurence Jobard, selections were very strict. Frankly, they have to be. Because Drouhin uses so little new oak, there is no chance for them to cover up the flaws in fruit with lavish wood, the toasted notes that blanket so many lesser wines.

As Robert Drouhin has famously said: "We are not carpenters. We make our wines with grapes, not wood!"

Maison Joseph Drouhin is one of Burgundy's biggest names. But it is also, as Clive Coates has written, "one of Burgundy's most intelligent wine dynasties." Their style over the last few decades has remained steadfast, ignoring the whims of fashion. This has kept Drouhin largely out of the glare of the spotlight, which today means the wines can still be had at very fair prices.

Today, we focus not only on the incredible quality, the purity of the great 2001 Chambertin - but also the exceptional value. Grand Cru red Burgundy just now coming into prime drinking form at just a few notches over the $100 mark. Quantities are very limited so all orders subject to confirmation. To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director of Fine & Rare Wine
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2001 Joseph Drouhin Chambertin

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Tanzer: "Medium red. Bright, sweet aromas of raspberry and minerals. Dense, supple and concentrated, with vibrant flavors of raspberry and spice. This has terrific tangy fruit and lovely backbone. Finishes with very suave but fine tannins and excellent persistence."

2001 Drouhin arrives Spring 2010
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