Dry Riesling at its Most Intellectual / Wild: 2009 Rebholz

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Riesling at its Most Intellectual / Wildest
2009 Rebholz "Grand Cru" Dry Rieslings
Special Pre-Arrival Offer on the 2009 Grosses Gewächs

Hansjorg Rebholz is one of the quietest, most unassuming men in the world of German wine.

Which may explain why, despite the fact that he is making some of the greatest dry Rieslings in all of Germany, he remains little known in the U.S.

Today Joe and I try and do something to change that, bringing you the 2009 collection of Rebholz's "Grand Cru" dry Rieslings, the Grosses Gewächs as they're called, at special pre-arrival pricing.

Please note: This special pricing is only good until end of business day Thursday (that's tomorrow), as we have to place our order with the estate. The pricing will never be better.

The style of these wines is very hard to describe - this is Riesling both at its most intellectual and at its wildest. What I mean by this is the wines have an uncommon rigor; they are chiseled, frighteningly angular. Despite the fact that these can be dense, broad-shouldered Rieslings, they remain ruthlessly defined, razor-sharp.

In this regard they have no other comparison aside from Trimbach's great Clos Ste. Hune. Alsace is, in fact, just a half-hour or so south from here, from the Pfalz.

Yet, for all this rigor, for all this clarity and shivering freshness, Rebholz's wines have access to a vocabulary few Rieslings - hell, that few wines - can claim. These wines flaunt an herbal complexity that puts to shame most anyone's spicebox, exotic smoky, earthy and truffled notes; they can show sweet vanilla, gooseberry, peach, apricot, pear, green apple, red apple, melon, grapefruit, orange, clementine, ginger and well... much more.

And the minerality - here's where it gets very complicated. These are among the most profoundly mineral bottles in the world of white wine; each vineyard site has a distinct soil, lending each wine a very unique expression. For "rock heads," these are absolutely breathtaking wines.

Each of the sites really does have a very unique voice, from the downright wild and evocative Kastanienbusch, to the more rigorous Ganz Horn. Please see below for tasting notes.

The 2009s are just now coming to the market. While it was a ripe vintage, Hansjorg maintained the wines' definition, their clarity. This is an amazing collection, well worth some space in the cellar among the great whites of the world. Expect these to age for a decade or longer, easily.

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Stephen & Joe
Wine Director / Wine Buyer
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2009 Rebholz Grosses Gewächs

Riesling Ganz Horn Grosses Gewächs (Dry)
Special Email Bottle Price: $72.80

No compare at pricing available; expect retail to be $80-$90

From a sub-parcel of the Kastanienbusch site, this parcel has a high content of limestone (I think) that sets it apart. It is among the most mineral and rigorous and Zen-like of Rebholz's Grosses Gewächs. Absolutely bonkers clarity.

Riesling Im Sonnenschein Grosses Gewächs (Dry)
Special Email Bottle Price: $72.80

No compare at pricing available; expect retail to be $80-$90
This is always a powerful wine; coming from a vineyard that is mostly red sandstone, the wine has a distinct mineral quality to it. It is also one of the most texturally elaborate wines of Rebholz; dense, compact, oily, salty. This one needs some time.

Riesling Kastanienbusch Grosses Gewächs (Dry)
Special Email Bottle Price: $78.00

No compare at pricing available; expect retail to be $90+
This is always the Rebholz headliner - it is the most evocative and exuberant of the wines. It seems to integrate the elegance of Ganzhorn and the intensity of Im Sonnenschein. Incredible depth and complexity - lots of smoke, citrus with a rich, oily texture studded with minerals. Lots of palate presence, clarity and drive.

Wine is pre-arrival; likely arriving early Fall 2011
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