Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon

Posted by CrushWine

We recently came upon a collector with a large caché of well stored verticals in multiple formats. The first in our series are the notoriously long-lived Cabernets of Dunn Vineyards. These dense, chewy, huge wines are tops in California, for lovers of intense, full-bodied style.

Here's what Robert Parker has to say about the winery:
"If Godzilla drank California Cabernet Sauvignon, would there be any doubt as to what choice it would be?

Anyone who has regularly tasted Randy Dunn's Cabernet Sauvignons (first produced in 1979) realizes several things. They all possess the following characteristics: (1) remarkable color and richness, (2) massive personalities with huge tannic structures, (3) gorgeous purity and unreal aging potential.

Last year I reported on a tasting where all of Dunn's top wines back through the 1982 vintage were served. Remarkably, they had hardly budged in development, yet they were still exceptionally rich in their pure creme de cassis, black raspberry, and blackberry fruit notes. These are obviously more than 20-25 year wines.

It is not far-fetched to suggest that Randy Dunn is producing Cabernet Sauvignons that, in top vintages, will be fresh, lively, and rich in fruit at age 50. For those with patience, these are among the finest values in long-lived, classic Napa Cabernet Sauvignon." WA #126 January 2000