Dynamite - 2010 Drouhin Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru

Posted by Ian McFadden

"A Dynamite Chambolle-Musigny"
2010 Drouhin
Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru
Lowest Price in the Nation

"The 2010 Chambolle 1er Cru bottling is as fine a rendition of this cuvée as I can ever recall tasting."
-John Gilman

As Gilman suggests, this is an epic bottling - it packs everything that makes Chambolle Chambolle (perfume, ethereal lightness, elegance) and does so for, relatively speaking, a song.

As good as Veronique Drouhin is, this wine benefits from a bit of magic, that ideal meeting of vintage, producer and terroir. The jewel-box fruit, the finesse and clarity of the house's style, the intensity and transparency of the 2010 vintage.

It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, you notice. We are Drouhin fanatics and the Chambolle 1er is year in and year out one of our favorites, but the 2010 edition is a special bottle of wine.

There are simply no other Chambolle 1ers at anything close to this price that deliver anything close to the pedigree and class of this bottle.

Our price today is the lowest in the nation.

Drouhin's 2010 Chambolle 1er Cru is a gorgeous and archetypal expression of Chambolle's femininity and grace. This is a wine that whispers and does so in a seductive way: A pitch-perfect expression of lace and silk, fresh red fruit, a perfume that is in equal parts fruit, flower, mineral, and earth.

The Chambolle-Musigny bottling combines five small 1er Cru parcels in Chambolle all owned and biodynamically farmed by Drouhin, with vine age averaging 30 years. The plots are simply too small to bottle individually. There seems to be some wisdom at work here, because the wine has an impressive sense of completeness along with great tension and balance.

In classic Drouhin style, there is nothing exorbitantly flashy about this wine - just a really gorgeous, pure expression of one of Burgundy's greatest villages, in one of Burgundy's greatest vintages.

The 2010 vintage is a vintage that's going to be aggressively hunted down by purists and Burghounds. The combination of pristine expression and concentration make it impossible to deny.

With yields down somewhere around 30-40%, availability and pricing has little choice but to get ugly. In terms of pricing and quality, 2010 Drouhin Chambolle 1er Cru is something to go deep on. It's one of those purchases that you'll be very happy with a decade or more down the road. .

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits