Early Spring Mixed Case: 20% Off

Posted by Joe Salamone

Early Spring Mixed Case
Big Savings on our Favorites for Spring
Every Bottle Discounted 20%!

While the calendar officially places us in spring, winter seems to be holding on stubbornly.

Regardless, in hopes of the warm temperatures and ramps just around the corner, we've assembled a spirited case of wines to carry you through the season.

As usual, this spring mixed case represents the BEST DEAL on these wines: a stellar cast of bottles, discounted 20%!

The wines move from bigger, more powerful selections to more delicate ones to complement both heavier early spring dishes and the lighter fare of later in the season.

This is undoubtedly one of the most wide ranging and esoteric mixed cases that we've ever offered. Once you get past Bordeaux and Riesling, you move into pretty unfamiliar territory - Sciacarellu from Corsica, Juhfark from Hungary... The world of wine has grown by a great amount in the past few years and the values that these under-the-radar regions offer are huge.

To start with the reds, there's the full bodied entries of La Grolet's Bordeaux and the peppery and soulful Wachter-Wiesler Blaufränkisch. On the lighter side is an incredibly unique and gulpable Corsican red from Abbatucci. It's only 11.5% alcohol and is sourced from Sciacarellu grapes that were allowed to grow wild and were left unpruned. There's also a southern French wine from the Languedoc that's based on Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan that's juicy and fresh.

For the whites, there may be no wine that's more spring-like than Ziereisen's Steingruble Gutedel. Gutedel is the German name of the Swiss grape, Chasselas, and it's full of flower, mineral and sweet herb notes. Bela's Juhfark from volcanic soils in Hungary is one of the most intense and grippy whites around. It's backed by a driving acidity and salty minerality. There's also the crisply mineral and elegant Ronco dei Tassi Fosarin from Friuli.

As always, these bottles represent our top picks for the season.

Please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463. And check out our website regularly, because as the seasons change, so will our mixed case. In fact, we will always have a tailored mixed case available online, so when these 12 bottles run out, don't hesitate to reorder.

Joe Salamone
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Early Spring Mixed Case

20% OFF!

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Now $194.22


2011 Abbatucci Rouge Frais Imperial
As if Corsican wine isn't odd-ball, here's one that clocks in at 11.5% alcohol and was produced from grapes that were left unpruned and allowed to run wild. The grape here is Sciacarellu (a relative of Sangiovese) and in Frais it delivers bright and energetic red fruits and supreme drinkability.

2010 Wachter-Wiesler Bela Joska Blaufränkisch
This sturdy straightforward Blaufränkisch delivers dark fruits and pepper along with plenty of honest character.

2010 Casale della Ioria Campo Novo Cesanese
Cesanese comes from Italy's Lazio region, not far from Rome. It delivers bold flavors with a very distinctive dark minerality along with spice.

2010 La Grolet
An honest, pure Bordeaux with loads of herbaceous minerality. Extremely food-friendly.

2011 Guillot-Broux Macon Cruzille Rouge
A rare, 100% Gamay from Burgundy. Grown on limestone soils, this shows a sleek directness with bright driving acidity.

2011 Angelot Gamay Bugey
Just a delicious, gulpable Gamay from Eastern France.

2011 Magnon Demarrante
Maxime Magnon applies Beaujolais methods in the Southern France region of the Languedoc. The result is juicy, herbal-tinged wines with a good dose of earthiness underneath.


2011 Weiser-Kunstler Feinherb
Weiser-Kunstler produced great 2011s as is evidenced by this minerally off-dry Riesling.

2011 Ziereisen Steingruble Gutedel
Ziereisen is located close to the Swiss border and what the Germans call Gutedel goes by the name of Chasselas on the Swiss side. Ziereisen's Steingruble is a great example of the grape's charm and interplay of flower, mineral and sweet herbs.

2010 Ronco dei Tassi Fosarin
This Friulian white is based on Friulano, Malvasia and Pinot Bianco. It's all about crisp mineral-driven elegance.

2011 Coronica Malvasia
This Croatian Malvasia adds a distinct sea-breeze element to Malvasia Istria's floral and citrus notes. Lovely, fairly delicate wine.

2009 Fekete Bela Juhfark
Coming from volcanic soils not far from Hungary's Tokayi region, Bela's Juhfark is an intense, grippy white that has driving acidity, and saline minerality.

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